pay no attention to the girl

An interlocking set of tales about the deceptions of the sexes, tales within tales, that lead us deep into the labyrinth of The One Thousand and One Nights. Who should we pay attention to?

Created by the company from various translations / transmissions of the classic collection of stories, The One Thousand and One Nights. New York Times Critics' Pick.

Directed by David Herskovits
Featuring: Caitlin Nasema CassidyDeepali GuptaAnthony Vaughn MerchantSamy el-Noury, and Lori Vega.
Sound Demon: Jesse Freedman
Scenic Design: Carolyn Mraz
Lighting Design: Kate McGee
Costume Design: Dina El-Aziz
Stage Manager: Amy Fisk
Assistant Stage Manager: Michael Fernandez-Fortna
Production Manager / Technical Director: Carl Whipple
Associate Artistic Director: Moe Yousuf

We are never allowed to forget that the multicolored narratives in this tantalizing production have constantly been redyed by the who, where and when of their telling during many centuries.
— Ben Brantley, The New York Times (April 2018)