Over(Reverberating) is a living archive of a manic episode in the form of an album. It was written at the onset of mania, recorded at its peak, and refined in the aftermath. In its current iteration, the album consists of seven songs for solo voice (the voice of the writer, 'my' voice). The listener is invited to imagine a world of sound around the voice, or inside the voice. The songs are about the usual things - love, sex, feeling good, feeling bad, feeling bitter, feeling better, feeling burned, feeling bummed out, feeling doubt, fucking up, fucking, sickness, music, fucking, sickness, music. Transformation through repetition. 

OVER(REVERBERATING) was presented in January 2018 as part of The Exponential Festival. It has been developed at Little Theater at Dixon Place, Sloop Jumbly, and Showgasm, among other mixed bills.

Deepali’s live performance proves to be inseparable from the music itself...One moment her eyes are full of incredible sadness and the next her mouth is contorted beyond cartoon level, her voice never losing its rigour.
— Contemporary Performance / January 2018