DEEPALI GUPTA is a writer, composer, and performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work ranges from explicit choral music to morbid pop songs to freaky little musicals. She is openly and adamantly bipolar, and dedicated to portraying mania and depression in a way that neither stigmatizes nor romanticizes those conditions. Her musical training comes from years of playing the violin in orchestra, and singing alto (or tenor) in choir. She loves words as much for their sound as for their meaning. She really believes in transformation through repetition. She believes in transformation through repetition. But she hates gimmicks. But she loves games. And she loves rules. But she hates expectations.

Her work has been presented at Lincoln Center, New York City Center, The Public (Under the Radar), Ars Nova, Joe's Pub, The Bushwick Starr, JACK, The New Ohio, The Tank, Dixon Place, Vital Joint, 3LD Art & Technology Center, Harvard University, and The Invisible Dog. Recent projects as a solo performance artist include No Way To Say Goodbye, Over(Reverberating), and I Love You Stranger. Recent projects as a composer include original music for Cute Activist, The Electrolysis Farewell Tour, Corpse Backpack, Far Away, Sehnsucht, Ski End, and Minor Character.

Past and present collaborators include Milo Cramer, Sarah Einspanier, Caitlin Sullivan, Sarah Campbell Hughes, Chana Porter, Morgan Green, Sarah Blush, New Saloon, Piehole, Target Margin Theater, Emily Oliveira, Chris Tyler, Ned Riseley, Kyle Dacuyan, Nate Weida, Annie Tippe,  and Ethan Philbrick. She is an Affiliated Artist with The Civilians and a member of the New Georges Jam, as well as the BMI Advanced Workshop.

She has studied writing, performance, and theory with Thalia Field, Erik Ehn, Kirsten Childs, Donna di Novelli, Michael John LaChiusa, Rachel Sheinkin, Steven Lutvak, Jonathan Bernstein, Mindi Dickstein, Robert Lee, Randall Eng, Deborah Brevoort, Sybille Pearson, Kirsten Childs, Julianne Wick Davis, Kym Moore, Patricia Ybarra, Rebecca Schneider, Catherine Imbriglio, Carl Hancock Rux, Robert Sussuma, and countless peers in dimly lit spaces. 

B.A. Brown University (Weston Award in Writing for Performance); M.F.A. Tisch.