I write words, I write music/I sing my poems and I speak my songs, I post it on social media when moved.

Past, present, and future collaborators include New Saloon, Piehole, Emily Oliveira, Jess Goldschmidt, Chris Tyler, Ned Riseley, Kyle Dacuyan, Liz Morgan, Sam Alper, Morgan Green, Annie Tippe, Jeanna Phillips, Catherine Brookman, and Ethan Philbrick. I am part of the artists' collective Citizens United.

I have studied writing, performance, and theory with Thalia Field, Erik Ehn, Michael John LaChiusa, Rachel Sheinkin, Steven Lutvak, Jonathan Bernstein, Mindi Dickstein, Robert Lee, Randall Eng, Deborah Brevoort, Sybille Pearson, Kirsten Childs, Julianne Wick Davis, Kym Moore, Patricia Ybarra, Rebecca Schneider, Catherine Imbriglio, Carl Hancock Rux, Robert Sussuma, and countless peers in dimly lit spaces. 

What I make ranges from choral projects to lyrical poetry to pop experimentations to even the occasional narrative book musical. My work has been presented at The Invisible Dog, 3LD Art & Technology Center, Dixon Place, Ars Nova, Joe's Pub, Nextet School of Music, The New Ohio Theatre, Arena Stage, Theatre for a New City, Don't Tell Mama, The Public Theater (Under The Radar). B.A. Brown University (Writing for Performance), M.F.A. Tisch School of the Arts (Musical Theatre Writing). Alumna of the BMI Lehman Engel Advanced Workshop. Other work in the theatre includes: Project Dramaturg of Be The Death Of Me (The Civilians).