DEEPALI GUPTA is a writer and performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY making music driven theater. Her work has been presented at venues such as The Public Theater, Joe’s Pub, Ars Nova, New York City Center, The Bushwick Starr, The New Ohio (Ice Factory and Archive Residency), JACK, and Judson Memorial Church—as well as in many basements and backyards across the city.

Recent and ongoing projects as a performance artist include NO WAY TO SAY GOODBYE, OVER(REVERBERATING), and I LOVE YOU STRANGER (currently in development at Ars Nova). Recent and ongoing projects as a composer include original music for DEARLY BELOVED (with Chana Porter and Sarah Hughes) currently in development with New Georges and Target Margin Theater), MADONNA COL BAMBINO (with Sarah Einspanier and Caitlin Sullivan), SEHNSUCHT (created by TV, directed by Sarah Blush), CUTE ACTIVIST (written by Milo Cramer, directed by Morgan Green), SKI END (created by Piehole, directed by Tara Ahmedinejad), and MINOR CHARACTER (created by New Saloon, directed by Morgan Green).

Deepali’s work explores ideas related to mental illness (specifically bipolar I disorder), race and racism, and mysticism/ecstatic experience. Her work has been published in MOON MISSIVES (an astrology quarterly) and MUSICAL THEATER TODAY. She is an affiliated artist with The Civilians and Target Margin Theater, as well as a member of the New Georges Jam and the BMI Advanced Musical Theatre Songwriting Workshop. M.F.A. Tisch (Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program)—thesis advisors: Mel Marvin and Randall Eng. B.A. Brown University (Performance Studies)—thesis advisors: Erik Ehn and Patricia Ybarra.